Mirror Care

Scathain mirrors are created using a silvering process on the back in order to achieve an antiqued surface. All pieces are fully handmade and therefore will exhibit variation in size, color, and surface detail, including streaking, spotting, darkened edging, and pooling of color. This is intended and furthers the antique quality of the mirror.

The silvering and painting can be affected by excessive water, solvents, and acids, and can be easily scratched. Only display the mirrors inside on dry surfaces. Use a soft cloth and warm water to clean the mirrors. Do not use a scrubbing abrasive.


Any of the Scathain products can be sent to our facility for a factory refinish.

Outdoor Furniture


All metal is unfinished stainless steel which can be cleaned with water, a mild detergent, glass cleaner, or stainless steel cleaner. Over time the stainless will dull and oxidize.


Outdoor wood furniture should be periodically rotated to maintain an even color. Wood can be washed with a mild detergent and water. Thompson’s Deck Wash can also be used to clean wood surfaces.

Wood should be re-coated with Thompson’s Semi Transparent Water Sealer, Acorn Brown. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.



Indoor furniture


Never use cleaners with alcohols or solvents on metals. Only use fine cotton or extra soft cloth.

Warranty does not cover rust or tarnishing resulting from scratches of abrasions to finish.

Warranty does not cover changes in patina, as it is a living finish that mellows with age.


Clean with a mild detergent and water. Never use abrasives, ammonia-based products, solvents, or silicone oils. Only use fine cotton or extra soft cloth.

Light scratches can be minimized with Minwax stain markers. Use “Provincial” on dark tables and “Golden Oak” on lighter tables, following manufacturer’s directions.

For in-house wood refinishing, follow these steps:

  • Clean surface with warm water and detergent to remove any grease or oil.
  • Lightly sand with 220 or 320 grit sand paper.
  • Vacuum, dust, and then wipe with tack cloth to remove any trace of dust.
  • Apply full coat of Varathane Oil Polyurethane Floor Finish. Thin varnish with 10% mineral spirits.
  • Follow directions on Varathane can for proper handling and drying times.