Finding Inspiration for our Pieces

Each piece that Scathain creates has a story. Sometimes, the client shares with the designer and artisans what meaning they want their custom piece to embody. Other times, it is the Scathain artisan who draws from his or her own experiences for inspiration.

In the case of these forged candlesticks, that is what happened. They weren't created for a client who brought their dreams to the table. They weren't designed to compliment larger pieces as part of a grand project.

Chris Leslie originally designed and forged these candlesticks as a wedding present for his brother and new sister-in-law. When considering what would be a memorable gift - something meaningful, personal, and beautiful - the only conclusion was that he should make an object of beauty.

While they were designed with his family in mind, anyone who came across the piece raved about their unique style, their assertive tone coupled with gentle wrapping. The careful consideration and genuine inspiration shined through, and encouraged Chris and Scathain to make them available to others who want to commemorate a special occasion.

Christof SanderComment