A Day in the Life of Scathain

Scathain wouldn't be described just as the best place to work. It is the best place to thrive, to grow, to create, to inspire. Since the majority of the employees at Scathain are first and foremost artists, the environment must be such that it nurtures their creative streak.

The open concept layout allows for communication and camaraderie. Design work is carried out around a gorgeous conference table in a custom-designed room adorned with live plants and big windows. This is where ideas flow and the magic begins.

Another large room is lined with unique galvanized steel "white boards" that color code and make beautiful the plans for the design. Art and inspiration line the walls and, in some spaces, even the floors.

Since nearly every project requires collaboration between the various artists, combining metal, wood, and mirror, mutual respect is necessary in order to function, and there is no shortage at Scathain. A challenging project does not divide the team. Instead, it motivates them to work together to problem solve.

And of course, if the beautiful space and supportive culture doesn't entice you, we are sure the lovable shop dog could.

Christof SanderComment