Eli Rosenblatt is a true Renaissance Man, a fine artist, and explorer. Before bringing his eye for the unique and his appreciation for high-quality back to Scátháin, Eli spent time overseas perfecting it. He worked as a freelance interpreter for the People’s Republic of China, taught agriculture culture at Guandong, and owned a night club called Catch-22 in Taipi, Taiwan. In addition, he taught at an international youth center in Taiwan and a physical education college in Canton.

Back in the United States, Eli took on several ventures that cultivated his artistic spirit. Eli is the owner of Art Asia, an Asian antique store that has been in existence for nearly 25 years. He is also the owner of Rosenblatt Exchange, SEJ materials, Dragonfly Bamboo, and Rosenblatt Gallery, a fine arts gallery that has been in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward for 8 years.

Eli’s relationship to Scátháin began when John McWilliam asked to show some of his unique mirrors at Rosenblatt Gallery. Eli first took notice of the beautiful art, and over time, learned of all that Scátháin had to offer. He is now the full-time General Manager.

Eli's work can be found online at Eli Rosenblatt Painting Gallery.