The Digital Age of Scathain

We are one month away. In 30 days, we will be launching an online store that will allow you to own Scátháin originals more easily than ever.

For years, admirers of our work have asked how they too can adorn their home or business with our unique combination of mirror, metal, and wood. Since Scátháin's inception, each piece has been a custom creation, blending the talent of our artisans with the dreams of our clients. While custom pieces are still certainly an option, now customers will easily be able to purchase pieces thought up, designed, and created entirely by the masters of the trade.

In addition to being beneficial and exciting for our customers, it is a thrilling step for our artisans. We are dedicated to showing the world it needs well-made objects, and our customer's desire to purchase them with a few clicks proves we have succeeded. Scátháin is growing as a business, and art as a whole is getting the respect it deserves.

Behind the scenes, we have been busy creating new pieces and updating old favorites. Long days have been book-ended with strong coffee and craft Milwaukee beer. Join us on October 1 for the official unveiling of our hard work.

Christof SanderComment