John McWilliam was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. It is where he went to school (MATC and UWM) and where he opened the business we know and love, Scátháin. But the story of how he got here is not quite so centered.

John began his vocation as a professional musician producing and performing with various artists. Over 20 years, he collaborated with many renowned producers and musicians, performed with many national headliners, and was invited to many celebrated music conventions.

During this period he maintained a successful painting contractor business which specialized in meticulous Old World techniques. Experimenting with metal patinas and mirror silvering techniques in this business helped John segue from contractor to furniture manufacturing.

In 2008, John was challenged by the owner of the Iron Horse Hotel to bring back to life some old bar stools. When he completed the project in record time and with results above and beyond anyone's expectations, more work began to flow. John was able to develop a network of highly skilled artisans ranging from blacksmiths, metal sculptors, furniture grade carpenters and finishers which enabled him to build his high quality brand. Scátháin was born.

John lives in Milwaukee's North Shore area with his wife Jacqueline and their two young children.