Here at Scathain, we have designed and built furnishings for all types of rooms - kitchens, offices, restaurant lobbies, and much more. However, one project took us out of any building and even off dry land.

slick+design out of Chicago approached us with a unique, and not very simple, request - to silver a guitar without interfering with the integrity of the sound. Our pieces need to be visually appealing and physically capable of withstanding the test of time, but it is not often the sense of sound plays a role as well.

John McWilliam, the owner and founder of Scathain, devoted an extraordinary amount of time to this project. Day and night, he carefully silvered each piece. He continuously tested the guitar to ensure the sound was not being tarnished as he silvered each component. Given John's history as a musician, he felt privileged to be able to put both of his passions into a single project.

The guitar is one of two made like this and now lives on the King Baby, a custom luxury yacht that was recently featured on the April 2016 cover of Showboats Magazine. The edition prominently displayed the guitar. Read more about the luxuries of the King Baby yacht that is now carrying a Scathain original around the world.

Eddie Van Halen, if you're reading this, we'd be honored to get our silver on one of your guitars.