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Meet the Artist: Chris Leslie, Head of Metal Department

Chris Leslie has been forging and fabricating ironwork since 2004, first starting in his hometown of Duluth, MN. Upon moving to Milwaukee in 2005, he opened up his own blacksmith shop where he continues to creates functional ironwork, tools, and art.

Chris has had the opportunity to work with multiple blacksmiths and other artists over the past 11 years, learning many traditional and modern techniques. He spent some time in the metal casting industry where he gained valuable knowledge in the restoration and replication of historic decorative architectural castings.

Working with a range of metals, processes and techniques, Chris has been an integral member of the Scathain team since January 2011. Chris's passion has always been to beautify functional and architectural metalwork. Through the traditional forging process, Chris brings warmth and life to a material often considered cold and static. This manipulation of metal turns a once utilitarian object into a stand alone functional art piece. His work ranges from sculptural public art pieces to gates and candle holders.