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Why "Scátháin"?

SCÁTHÁIN - (pr. /'SKuh-thayN/)  [Irish Gaelic]

(n.) mirror (smooth reflective surface)

How do you pronounce that? What does it mean? And then, of course, why? 

These are questions we get asked on a regular basis. While we can answer the first two with a grab from an Irish dictionary, the last one requires some story-telling.

Mirrors have become the cornerstone of our business. When John McWilliam first started Scátháin, it was his unique ability to take something as seemingly one-dimensional as a mirror and give it personality, depth, life.

Instead of looking at the reflection in the mirror, you find yourself grasping to look at the mirror itself. Looking for and appreciating the aged process that creates alluring disruptions in the smooth glass.

Since it was these mirrors that turned a local artist into a world-renowned business, it is only fitting we pay tribute to the reflective surface - Scátháin.

So, we ask you - how many mirrors do you have in your house? Do you utilize them to judge and critique supposed flaws? Or do consider them a piece of art reflecting beauty to your home?