The Scathain Experience

our artisans access a diverse mosaic of art mediums to produce high quality architectural elements and furnishings. our compulsive ingenuity drives your project with an unrelenting wellspring of fresh and creative concepts. We've held the hand of consumers who once only turned to reserved and safe methods, and led them to a new and different spectrum of expressing beauty and authenticity in their space. we pride ourselves on making things happen. combined with the strongest desire for customer satisfaction, we bring you to the essence of the scathain experience.


Where we're from

scathain was founded by john mcwilliam in 2008. he has always been an artist and musician. as a one man shop, his scathain journey began by taking on a project at a local boutique hotel in Milwaukee. the results were beyond impressive and he was soon being commissioned by additional clients. word of his amazing work spread like wildfire.

Scathain was born.

John always had a creative streak and an appreciation for the well-crafted in an age of mass production and low quality. Today, he employs 20 artisans who put their heart and soul into each piece. They operate out of an old printing supply warehouse in Milwaukee's Fifth Ward.

Who we are

We are masters of our craft who back our pieces with pride.

We are designers and makers. From the initial idea through the finished production, we are dedicated to each project. Narrowing the gap between design and construction fosters the ideal environment for our unique pieces to be made.  

We have an aversion to the typical, a love of problem-solving, and thirst for good beer.

Like our crafted objects, we are one of a kind.